Notification Concerning the Handling and Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with the details presented below, Rakusuikai takes meticulous care to respect the privacy of its members related to the handling of personal data that it acquires and possesses. The details of the said data include, among other things, the personal data as well as the personal data rules and management of the National University Corporation of Tokyo Institute of Technology and are applied mutatis mutandis to the personal data protection rules of the Tokyo Institute of Technology(

1.Rakusuikai’s Definition of Personal Data

Personal data are data that distinguish one individual from another such as the user’s name, age, address, telephone number, affiliations, and e-mail address. Personal data also refer to information related to the number of hits Rakusuikai’s website receives, as well as the number of inquiries its secretariat receives. In addition, even when these personal data are insufficient to identify an individual, information is included that combines a multitude of available data to identify that particular individual.

2.Regarding Personal Data Management

At Rakusuikai, the person in charge of managing its personal data management (i.e., the Vice Deputy Chairman) implements the personal data in a strict and appropriate manner to ensure (1) that all personal data held by Rakusuikai are accurate and up-to-date; and (2) that necessary steps are taken to avoid, among other things, unlawful access, loss of data, alteration of data, and data leakage or data re-provision (except when otherwise stated in “4. Regarding the Procedure for Providing Personal Data to a Third Party”).

3.Regarding the Purposes of Private Data Use

Information Rakusuikai receives are kept confidential and used only for managing the personal data of its members and for its operations (e.g., sending out newsletters and notices of general meetings). However, if attendees at an executive meeting should deem it beneficial for Rakusuikai members, notices containing personal data will be enclosed in the association’s newsletters and the like. Such notices may also be delivered by mail or electronically (e.g., notices, etc. from Tokyo Institute of Technology concerning Graduate School for Working Adults Program, lectures and alumni meetings).

4.Regarding the Procedure for Providing Information to a Third Party (As a general rule, Rakusuikai does not provide personal data to third parties.)

Rakusuikai does not provide personal data concerning any of its members to any third party unless the member gives his/her consent. This provision will not apply if (1) Rakusuikai receives a formal request for such data from the police, the court, or some other official body; (2) the provision of such data is deemed necessary to protect the rights, property, etc. of Rakusuikai when the action of its members violate Rakusuikai’s bylaws; or (3) when there is an urgent need to protect human life, body, property, etc.

5.Compliance with Laws, Regulations, etc. and the Revision of Personal Data Protection Policy

At Rakusuikai, personal data are managed and used pursuant to Japanese laws, regulations, etc. Rakusuikai may revise its personal data protection policy for various reasons, including to keep up with changes in Japanese laws, regulations, etc., or to render personal data protection more fool-proof. Members are therefore urged to periodically make sure they have Rakusuikai’s latest personal data protection policy.

At Rakusuikai, efforts are made to improve the protection of personal data by constantly reviewing how personal data are being protected. Should you have any questions or comments about Rakusuikai’s personal data protection policy, or wish to have your personal data removed from Rakusuikai’s membership file, please e-mail your request to office @ Rakusuikai strives to review and revise the details of its personal data protection policy by taking into consideration the comments it receives from its members. Moreover, Rakusuikai is currently examining how best to provide smooth means of communication between members of the same graduating class within the range allowed by the aforementioned laws and regulations and by Rakusuikai’s personal data protection policy. Members are also urged to submit their comments and proposals for developing such effective means of communication.